(Nothing to be taken)

2016 - 2022

ZEFT is a work in development documentary theater performance, based on a series of found letters written by a girl who disappeared leaving nothing behind expect for them.

She would write the letters and mail them to herself.
She wrote 15 letters using different forms and pronouns. For her, the letters were an exercise of disappearance, an exercise during which she can reflect on the root of her desire to disappear, as a series of narrative experiences and experiments leading up to the moment of her disappearance.​

We search within disappearance and the desire to survive, looking into ways the body can survive harm, and ways human defense mechanisms have developed to a point where they can be very exceptional and dangerous. The project is a documentary research project studying the possibility of creating a narrative about a person who disappeared using their archives.




Hakim Abdelnaeem


Hakim Abdelnaeem

Marik Renner

Movement Developer:

Mohamed Fouad

Marik Renner

Art Director:

Karim Abdelnaeem

Sound Designer:

Nancy Mounir

Editing and Translation:

Mariam Ibrahim

Batool El Hinawy

Kenza Radi

Supported by :