(Not inspired by an American movie)

2019 - 2021

Produced by: KHALF40 

The project is based on research, experimentation, collaboration and flexibility in accepting the changes and developments that might appear in the path of the creative process. Through collaborative artistic development, we try to test the capability of the team to develop the content and analyse it and question it collectively, both on the technical and theoretical levels. We will also involve the audience from different groups and culture, in every location the team goes to continue this artistic build-up, and this is done through the open lab where the team and the audience meet to collaborate as opposed to the audience just receiving.  



Amira Selim

Nouran Fawzy

Nadine Said

Mohanad Qader

Mostafa El Banna


Ahmed Saleh


Mohamed Fouad

Dramaturgy and digital content:

Hakim Abdelnaeem

Post Damage Is a long term project, which started in autumn 2018 and will end in summer 2020.